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Something that is new has not been used or owned by anyone. That afternoon she went out and bought a new dress. There are many boats new and used for sale. New is used to describe something that has only recently been discovered or noticed. The new planet is about ten times the size of the earth. A new day or year is the beginning of the next day or year. The start of a new year is a good time to reflect on the many achievements of the past. New is used to describe someone or something that has recently acquired a particular status or position. the usual exhaustion of a new mother. New potatoes carrots or peas are produced early in the season for such vegetables and are usually small with a sweet flavor. Serve with a salad and new potatoes. United is used to describe a country which has been formed from two or more states or countries. the first elections to be held in a united Germany for fifty eight years. state&mdash nounthe condition of a person or thing as with respect to circumstances or attributes a state of health.the condition of matter with respect to structure form constitution phase or the like water in a gaseous state.status rank or position in life station He dresses in a manner befitting his state.the style of living befitting a person of wealth and high rank to travel in state.a particular condition of mind or feeling to be in an excited abnormally tense nervous or perturbed condition He’s been in a state since hearing about his brother’s death.a politically unified people occupying a definite territory nation.the territory or one of the territories of a government. sometimes initial capital letter any of the bodies politic which together make up a federal union as in the United States of America.the body politic as organized for civil rule and government distinguished from church .the operations or activities of a central civil government affairs of state. initial capital letter Also called State Department. Informal.the Department of State. Printing.a set of copies of an edition of a publication which differ from others of the same printing because of additions corrections or transpositions made during printing or at any time before publication.the States Informal.the United States usually used outside its borders After a year’s study in Spain he returned to the States. &mdash adjectiveof or relating to the central civil government or authority.made maintained or chartered by or under the authority of one of the commonwealths that make up a federal union a state highway a state bank.characterized by attended with or involving ceremony a state dinner.used on or reserved for occasions of ceremony.

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