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Sunset Sea Landscape

Sunset is the time in the evening when the sun disappears out of sight from the sky. The dance ends at sunset. A sunset is the colors and light that you see in the western part of the sky when the sun disappears in the evening. There was a red sunset over Paris. The sea is the salty water that covers about three-quarters of the Earth’s surface. Most of the kids have never seen the sea. A landscape is a painting which shows a scene in the countryside. Kenna’s latest series of landscapes is on show at the Zelda Cheatle Gallery. If an area of land is landscaped it is changed to make it more attractive for example by adding streams or ponds and planting trees and bushes. The gravel pits have been landscaped and planted to make them attractive to wildfowl. They had landscaped their property with trees shrubs and lawns. land|scap|ingThe landowner insisted on a high standard of landscaping.British magazines If a sheet of paper is in landscape format or mode the longer edge of the paper is horizontal and the shorter edge is vertical. Most powerpoint presentations are prepared for screens in landscape format.

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