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Silhouettes Night Pair

The silhouette of something is the outline that it has which often helps you to recognize it. the distinctive silhouette of the Manhattan skyline. The night is the period of time between the end of the afternoon and the time that you go to bed especially the time when you relax before going to bed. So whose party was it last night? A particular night is a particular evening when a special event takes place such as a show or a play. The first night crowd packed the building. If something happens at night it happens regularly during the evening or night. He was going to college at night in order to become an accountant. If you have an early night you go to bed early. If you have a late night you go to bed late. I’ve had a hell of a day and all I want is an early night. morning noon and night If you say that something clouds a situation you mean that it makes it unpleasant. The atmosphere has already been clouded by the party’s anger at the media. If glass clouds or if moisture clouds it tiny drops of water cover the glass making it difficult to see through. The mirror clouded beside her cheek. If one thing is paired with another it is put with it or considered with it. The trainees will then be paired with experienced managers. See also au pair A wire is a cable that carries power or signals from one place to another. I ripped out the telephone wire that ran through to his office. If you wire something such as a building or piece of equipment you put wires inside it so that electricity or signals can pass into or through it. learning to wire and plumb the house herself. Each of the homes has a security system and is wired for cable television. See also barbed wire

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