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Side View

The side of something is a position to the left or right of it rather than in front of it behind it or on it. On one side of the main entrance there’s a red plaque. a photograph with Joe and Ken on each side of me. the nations on either side of the Pacific. The side of an object building or vehicle is any of its flat surfaces which is not considered to be its front its back its top or its bottom. We put a notice on the side of the box. A carton of milk lay on its side. The sides of a hollow or a container are its inside vertical surfaces. The rough rock walls were like the sides of a deep canal. Line the base of the dish with greaseproof paper and lightly grease the sides. The sides of an area or surface are its edges. Park on the side of the road. a small beach on the north side of the peninsula. Your sides are the parts of your body between your front and your back from under your arms to your hips. His arms were limp at his sides. If two people or things are side by side they are next to each other. We sat side by side on two wicker seats. If people work or live side by side they work or live closely together in a friendly way. areas where different nationalities have lived side by side for centuries. If something moves from side to side it moves repeatedly to the left and to the right. She was shaking her head from side to side. If something is on your side or if you have it on your side it helps you when you are trying to achieve something. The weather is rather on our side. If you say that something is on the small side you are saying politely that you think it is slightly too small. If you say that someone is on the young side you are saying politely that you think they are slightly too young. He’s quiet and a bit on the shy side. If someone does something on the side they do it in addition to their main work. ways of making a little bit of money on the side. If you take sides or take someone’s side in an argument or war you support one of the sides against the other. We cannot take sides in a civil war. The different sides in a war argument or negotiation are the groups of people who are opposing each other. Both sides appealed for a new ceasefire. Any solution must be acceptable to all sides. The different sides of an argument or deal are the different points of view or positions involved in it. His words drew sharp reactions from people on both sides of the issue. The mother’s side and the father’s side of your family are your mother’s relatives and your father’s relatives. So was your father’s side more well off? The view from a window or high place is everything that can be seen from that place especially when it is considered to be beautiful. The view from our window was one of beautiful green countryside. Your view of a particular subject is the way that you understand and think about it. The whole point was to get away from a Christian-centered view of religion. If you have a view of something you can see it. He stood up to get a better view of the blackboard. View refers to the way in which a piece of text or graphics is displayed on a computer screen. To see the current document in full-page view click the Page Zoom Full button. If you view something in a particular way you think of it in that way. First-generation Americans view the United States as a land of golden opportunity. Abigail’s mother Linda views her daughter’s talent with a mixture of pride and worry. If you view a television program video or movie you watch it. We have viewed the video recording of the incident.

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