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Railway Bridge Fort

A railway is a route between two places along which trains travel on steel rails. AM usually The bridge of your nose is the thin top part of it between your eyes. On the bridge of his hooked nose was a pair of gold rimless spectacles. The bridge of a pair of glasses is the part that rests on your nose. The bridge of a violin guitar or other stringed instrument is the small piece of wood under the strings that holds them up. Something that bridges the gap between two very different things has some of the qualities of each of these things. the singer who bridged the gap between pop music and opera. Bridge is a card game for four players in which the players begin by declaring how many tricks they expect to win. A fort is a strong building or a place with a wall or fence around it where soldiers can stay and be safe from the enemy. If you hold the fort for someone or if you hold down the fort you take care of things for them while they are somewhere else or are busy doing something else. His business partner is holding the fort while he is away. “I’ll hold down the fort until he’s back ” Clark said.

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