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Pot Spray Hand

A pot is a deep round container used for cooking stews soups and other food. metal cooking pots. You can use pot to refer to the pot and its contents or to the contents only. He was stirring a pot of soup. A pot of coffee or tea is an amount of it contained in a pot. He spilt a pot of coffee. You can use pot to refer to a coffeepot or teapot. There’s tea in the pot. If you pot a young plant or part of a plant you put it into a container filled with soil so it can grow there. Pot the cuttings individually. pot|tedADJ n potted plants.British magazines Spray is a lot of small drops of water which are being thrown into the air. The moon was casting a rainbow through the spray from the waterfall. If a lot of small things spray somewhere or if something sprays them they are scattered somewhere with a lot of force. A shower of mustard seeds sprayed into the air and fell into the grass. The intensity of the blaze shattered windows spraying glass on the streets below. If something is sprayed it is painted using paint kept under pressure in a container. The bare metal was sprayed with several coats of primer. When someone sprays against insects they cover plants or crops with a chemical which prevents insects from feeding on them. He doesn’t spray against pests or diseases. Confine the use of insecticides to the evening and do not spray plants that are in flower. Your hands are the parts of your body at the end of your arms. Each hand has four fingers and a thumb. I put my hand into my pocket and pulled out the letter. The hands of a clock or watch are the thin pieces of metal or plastic that indicate what time it is. The hands of the clock on the wall moved with a slight click. Half past ten. The hand of someone or something is their influence in an event or situation. The hand of the military authorities can be seen in the entire electoral process. If someone asks an audience to give someone a hand they are asking the audience to clap loudly usually before or after that person performs. Let’s give ’em a big hand. If someone gives you a free hand they give you the freedom to use your own judgment and to do exactly as you wish. He gave Stephanie a free hand in the decoration. If you get your hands on something or lay your hands on something you manage to find it or obtain it usually after some difficulty. Patty began reading everything she could get her hands on. If two people are hand in hand they are holding each other’s nearest hand usually while they are walking or sitting together. People often do this to show their affection for each other. I saw them making their way hand in hand down the path. If two things go hand in hand they are closely connected and cannot be considered separately from each other. For us research and teaching go hand in hand. If you have a hand in something such as an event or activity you are involved in it. He thanked all who had a hand in his release. If two people are holding hands they are holding each other’s nearest hand usually while they are walking or sitting together. People often do this to show their affection for each other. She approached a young couple holding hands on a bench. If someone lives hand to mouth or lives from hand to mouth they have hardly enough food or money to live on. I have a wife and two children and we live from hand to mouth on what I earn. If someone or something is on hand they are near and able to be used if they are needed. There are experts on hand to give you all the help and advice you need. You use on the one hand to introduce the first of two contrasting points facts or ways of looking at something. It is always followed later by “on the other hand” or “on the other.” On the one hand if the body doesn’t have enough cholesterol we would not be able to survive. On the other hand if the body has too much cholesterol the excess begins to line the arteries. You use on the other hand to introduce the second of two contrasting points facts or ways of looking at something. The movie lost money reviews on the other hand were by and large favorable. If you dismiss or reject something out of hand you do so immediately and do not consider believing or accepting it. I initially dismissed the idea out of hand. If you try your hand at an activity you attempt to do it usually for the first time. He tried his hand at fishing but he wasn’t really very good at it. If you hand something to someone you pass it to them. He handed me a little rectangle of white paper. When a thing blurs or when something blurs it you cannot see it clearly because its edges are no longer distinct. This creates a spectrum of colors at the edges of objects which blurs the image. blurred blurred black and white photographs.The Times If something blurs an idea or a distinction between things that idea or distinction no longer seems clear. her belief that scientists are trying to blur the distinction between “how” and “why” questions. blurredThe line between fact and fiction is becoming blurred.Today If your vision blurs or if something blurs it you cannot see things clearly. Her eyes behind her glasses began to blur. blurred visual disturbances like eye-strain and blurred vision.BBC

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