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Patterns Circles Leaves

An inscription is writing carved into something made of stone or metal such as a gravestone or medal. The medal bears the inscription “For distinguished service.” An inscription is something written by hand in the front of a book or on a photograph. The inscription reads “To Emma with love from Harry.” &mdash adjectivemost desirable ideal a dream vacation. &mdash Verb Phrases dream up to form in the imagination devise They dreamed up the most impossible plan. &mdash verb used with object to make or fashion after or according to a cover or mark with a pattern. Chiefly British Dialect. to imitate. to attempt to match or duplicate. A circle is a shape consisting of a curved line completely surrounding an area. Every part of the line is the same distance from the center of the area. The flag was red with a large white circle in the center. If an aircraft or a bird circles or circles something it moves around in a circle in the air. The plane circled awaiting permission to land. There were two helicopters circling around. If you circle something on a piece of paper you draw a circle around it. Circle the words on this list that you recognize. Leaves is the plural form of and the third person singular form of leave .

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