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Watercolors are colored paints used for painting pictures which you apply with a wet brush or dissolve in water first. Oil paints can be replaced with watercolors. A watercolor is a picture that has been painted with watercolors. a lovely watercolor by J. M. W. Turner. A pattern is an arrangement of lines or shapes especially a design in which the same shape is repeated at regular intervals over a surface. a golden robe embroidered with red and purple thread stitched into a pattern of flames. A pattern is a diagram or shape that you can use as a guide when you are making something such as a model or a piece of clothing. cutting out a pattern for slacks. Send for our free patterns to knit yourself. A line of people or vehicles is a number of them that are waiting one behind another for example in order to buy something or to go in a particular direction. Children clutching empty bowls form a line. A line of a piece of writing is one of the rows of words numbers or other symbols in it. The next line should read Five days 23.5 hours. A line is a connection which makes it possible for two people to speak to each other on the telephone. The telephone lines went dead. It’s not a very good line. Shall we call you back Susan? You can use line to refer to a telephone number which you can call in order to get information or advice. the 24-hour information line. A line is a route especially a dangerous or secret one along which people move or send messages or supplies. The North American continent’s geography severely limited the lines of attack. Negotiators say they’re keeping communication lines open. The line in which something or someone moves is the particular route that they take especially when they keep moving straight ahead. Walk in a straight line. A line is a particular route involving the same stations roads or stops along which a train or bus service regularly operates. They’ve got to ride all the way to the end of the line. A railroad line consists of the pieces of metal and wood which form the track that the trains travel along. Floods washed out much of the railroad line. You can use lines to refer to the set of physical defenses or the soldiers that have been established along the boundary of an area occupied by an army. Their unit was shelling the German lines only seven miles away. You can use line to refer to the way in which someone’s thoughts or activities develop particularly if it is logical. Our discussion in the previous chapter continues this line of thinking. In a factory a line is an arrangement of workers or machines where a product passes from one worker to another until it is finished. a production line capable of producing three different products. You can use line when you are referring to a number of people who are ranked according to status. Nicholas Paul Patrick was seventh in the line of succession to the throne. If you say that something happens along particular lines or on particular lines you are giving a general summary or approximate account of what happens which may not be correct in every detail. There followed an assortment of praise for the coffee along the lines of “Hey this coffee is fantastic!” He’d said something on those lines already. If something is organized on particular lines or along particular lines it is organized according to that method or principle. so-called autonomous republics based on ethnic lines. If you say that someone has crossed the line or has stepped over the line you mean that they have behaved in a way that is considered unacceptable. He has crossed the line and it must stop. Sometimes I think the administration steps over the line when they make these kinds of accusations. If one thing is in line with another or is brought into line with it the first thing is or becomes similar to the second especially in a way that has been planned or expected. The structure of our schools is now broadly in line with the major countries of the world. This brings the law into line with most medical opinion. to sign on the dotted line See also lining Something that is colorful has bright colors or a lot of different colors. The flowers were colorful and the scenery magnificent. A colorful story is full of exciting details. The story she told was certainly colorful and extended over her life in England Germany and Spain. A colorful character is a person who behaves in an interesting and amusing way. Casey Stengel was probably the most colorful character in baseball.

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