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You use of to combine two nouns or a noun and a present participle when the second noun or present participle defines or gives more information about the first noun. She let out a little cry of pain. the problem of having a national shortage of teachers. You use of after the name of someone or something to introduce the institution or place they belong to or are connected with. the governor of Missouri. You use of after a countable noun and before an uncountable noun when you want to talk about an individual piece or item. a blade of grass. Marina ate only one slice of bread. You use of after some adjectives to indicate the thing that a feeling or quality relates to. I have grown very fond of Alec. His father was quite naturally very proud of him. You use of before a word referring to the person who performed an action when saying what you think about the action. This has been so nice so terribly kind of you. If something is more of or less of a particular thing it is that thing to a greater or smaller degree. Your extra fat may be more of a health risk than you realize. You can use of to say what time it is by indicating how many minutes there are before the hour mentioned. BRIT At about a quarter of eight in the evening Joe Urber calls. You use fine to describe something that you admire and think is very good. There is a fine view of the countryside. This is a fine book. fine|lyADV -edThey are finely engineered boats.British magazines If you say that you are fine you mean that you are in good health or reasonably happy. Lina is fine and sends you her love and best wishes. If you say that something is fine you mean that it is satisfactory or acceptable. The skiing is fine. Everything was going to be just fine. Something that is fine is very delicate narrow or small. The heat scorched the fine hairs on her arms. fine|lyADV with vChop the ingredients finely and mix them together.The Independent When the weather is fine the sun is shining and it is not raining. He might be doing some gardening if the weather is fine. You say ” fine ” or ” that’s fine ” to show that you do not object to an arrangement action or situation that has been suggested. If competition is the best way to achieve it then fine. art1&mdash nounthe quality production expression or realm according to aesthetic principles of what is beautiful appealing or of more than ordinary significance.the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria works of art collectively as paintings sculptures or drawings a museum of art an art collection.a field genre or category of art Dance is an art.the fine arts collectively often excluding architecture art and architecture.any field using the skills or techniques of art advertising art industrial art.a branch of learning or university study especially one of the fine arts or the humanities as music philosophy or literature She was adept at the arts of music and painting I’ve always felt an affinity towards the visual arts though I studied art of philosophy. arts used with a singular verb the humanities as distinguished from the sciences and technical fields a college of arts and sciences. used with a plural verb liberal arts Faculty of Arts.skill in conducting any human activity a master at the art of conversation From my mother I learned the art of perfectly cooked pasta. the principles or methods governing any craft or branch of learning the art of baking the art of selling. the craft trade or profession using these principles or methods.skilled workmanship execution or agency as distinguished from nature.trickery cunning glib and devious art.studied action artificiality in artifice or artful device the innumerable arts and wiles of politics. in printed matter illustrative or decorative material Is there any art with the copy for this story? learning or scholarship. Art&mdash nouna male given name form of Arthur. theater&mdash nouna building part of a building or outdoor area for housing dramatic presentations stage entertainments or motion-picture shows.the audience at a theatrical or motion-picture performance The theater wept.a theatrical or acting company.a room or hall fitted with tiers of seats rising like steps used for lectures surgical demonstrations etc. Students crowded into the operating theater. the theater dramatic performances as a branch of art the drama an actress devoted to the theater.dramatic works collectively as of literature a nation or an author often preceded by the the theater of Ibsen.the quality or effectiveness of dramatic performance good theater bad theater pure theater.a place of action field of operations.a natural formation of land rising by steps or gradations. San1&mdash noun plural Sans especially collectively San for 1.a member of a nomadic aboriginal people of southern Africa.any of more than a dozen related Khoisan languages spoken by the San. San2&mdash nouna river in central Europe flowing from the Carpathian Mountains in W Ukraine through SE Poland into the Vistula battles 1914–15. About 280 miles 450 km long. -san&mdash a suffix used in Japanese as a term of respect after names or titles Suzuki-san samurai-san. United is used to describe a country which has been formed from two or more states or countries. the first elections to be held in a united Germany for fifty eight years. state&mdash nounthe condition of a person or thing as with respect to circumstances or attributes a state of health.the condition of matter with respect to structure form constitution phase or the like water in a gaseous state.status rank or position in life station He dresses in a manner befitting his state.the style of living befitting a person of wealth and high rank to travel in state.a particular condition of mind or feeling to be in an excited abnormally tense nervous or perturbed condition He’s been in a state since hearing about his brother’s death.a politically unified people occupying a definite territory nation.the territory or one of the territories of a government. sometimes initial capital letter any of the bodies politic which together make up a federal union as in the United States of America.the body politic as organized for civil rule and government distinguished from church .the operations or activities of a central civil government affairs of state. initial capital letter Also called State Department. Informal.the Department of State. Printing.a set of copies of an edition of a publication which differ from others of the same printing because of additions corrections or transpositions made during printing or at any time before publication.the States Informal.the United States usually used outside its borders After a year’s study in Spain he returned to the States. &mdash adjectiveof or relating to the central civil government or authority.made maintained or chartered by or under the authority of one of the commonwealths that make up a federal union a state highway a state bank.characterized by attended with or involving ceremony a state dinner.used on or reserved for occasions of ceremony. &mdash verb used with object stat·ed stat· declare definitely or specifically She stated her position on the set forth formally in speech or writing to state a set forth in proper or definite form to state a fix or settle as by authority.

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