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Neon Line Lights

Neon lights or signs are made from glass tubes filled with neon gas which produce a bright electric light. In the city squares the neon lights flashed in turn. Neon is a gas which occurs in very small amounts in the atmosphere. Inert gases like neon and argon have eight electrons in their outer shell. The lines on someone’s skin especially on their face are long thin marks that appear there as they grow older. He has a large generous face with deep lines. A line of a poem song or play is a group of words that are spoken or sung together. If an actor learns his or her lines for a play or film they learn what they have to say. a line from Shakespeare’s Othello “one that loved not wisely but too well.” Every time I sing that line I have to compete with that darn trombone! A line is a connection which makes it possible for two people to speak to each other on the telephone. The telephone lines went dead. It’s not a very good line. Shall we call you back Susan? You can use line to refer to the way in which someone’s thoughts or activities develop particularly if it is logical. Our discussion in the previous chapter continues this line of thinking. Your line of business or work is the kind of work that you do. So what was your father’s line of business? In a factory a line is an arrangement of workers or machines where a product passes from one worker to another until it is finished. a production line capable of producing three different products. You can use line when you are referring to a number of people who are ranked according to status. Nicholas Paul Patrick was seventh in the line of succession to the throne. A particular line of people or things is a series of them that has existed over a period of time when they have all been similar in some way or done similar things. We were part of a long line of artists. If you say that something happens along particular lines or on particular lines you are giving a general summary or approximate account of what happens which may not be correct in every detail. There followed an assortment of praise for the coffee along the lines of “Hey this coffee is fantastic!” He’d said something on those lines already. If something is organized on particular lines or along particular lines it is organized according to that method or principle. so-called autonomous republics based on ethnic lines. If you line a wall container or other object you put a layer of something such as leaves or paper on the inside surface of it in order to make it stronger warmer or cleaner. Line the basket with a bright checkered napkin just before adding the cookies. If you say that someone has crossed the line or has stepped over the line you mean that they have behaved in a way that is considered unacceptable. He has crossed the line and it must stop. Sometimes I think the administration steps over the line when they make these kinds of accusations. If you draw the line at a particular activity you refuse to do it because you disapprove of it or because it is more extreme than what you normally do. Letters have come from prisoners declaring that they would draw the line at hitting an old lady. If you do something or if it happens to you in the line of duty you do it or it happens as part of your regular work or as a result of it. More than 3 000 police officers were wounded in the line of duty last year. If one thing is in line with another or is brought into line with it the first thing is or becomes similar to the second especially in a way that has been planned or expected. The structure of our schools is now broadly in line with the major countries of the world. This brings the law into line with most medical opinion. If you keep someone in line or bring them into line you make them obey you or you make them behave in the way you want them to. All this was just designed to frighten me and keep me in line. If a machine or piece of equipment comes on line it starts operating. If it is off line it is not operating. The new machine will go on line in June 2006. If you do something on line you do it using a computer or a computer network. They can order their requirements on line. &mdash adjective light·er light·est.having light or illumination bright well-lighted the lightest room in the entire house.pale whitish or not deep or dark in color a light blue. of coffee or tea containing enough milk or cream to produce a light color. &mdash verb used without object light·ed or lit light· take fire or become kindled The damp wood refused to ignite a cigar cigarette or pipe for purposes of smoking usually followed by up He took out a pipe and lighted up before become illuminated when switched on This table lamp won’t become bright as with light or color often followed by up The sky lights up at brighten with animation or joy as the face or eyes often followed by up . &mdash Idioms make light of to treat as unimportant or trivial They made light of our hard-won victory. &mdash Verb Phraseslight into make a vigorous physical or verbal attack on He would light into anyone with the slightest provocation.light out leave quickly depart hurriedly He lit out of here as fast as his legs would carry him. Something that is colorful has bright colors or a lot of different colors. The flowers were colorful and the scenery magnificent. A colorful story is full of exciting details. The story she told was certainly colorful and extended over her life in England Germany and Spain. In geometry an arc is a part of the line that forms the outside of a circle.

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