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Man Walk Trees

If you say that a man is for example a gambling man or an outdoors man you mean that he likes gambling or outdoor activities. Are you a gambling man Mr. Graham? If you say that a man is for example a Harvard man or a Yale man you mean that he went to that university. Stewart a Yale man was invited to stay on and write the script. Man and men are sometimes used to refer to all human beings including both males and females. Some people dislike this use. The chick initially has no fear of man. Some people refer to a woman’s husband lover or boyfriend as her man . if they see your man cuddle you in the kitchen or living room. In very informal social situations man is sometimes used as a greeting or form of address to a man. Hey wow man! Where d’you get those boots? If you man something such as a place or machine you operate it or are in charge of it. French soldiers manned roadblocks in the capital city. the person manning the phone at the complaint department. If you say that a man is man enough to do something you mean that he has the necessary courage or ability to do it. I told him that he should be man enough to admit he had done wrong. If you say that a man is his own man you approve of the fact that he makes his decisions and his plans himself and does not depend on other people. Be your own man. Make up your own mind. If you say that a group of men are do or think something to a man you are emphasizing that every one of them is does or thinks that thing. To a man the survivors blamed the government. A park is a public area of land with grass and trees usually in a town where people go in order to relax and enjoy themselves. Central Park. a brisk walk with the dog around the park. If you park yourself somewhere you sit there. Every Friday I would park myself in front of the TV. When you walk you move forward by putting one foot in front of the other in a regular way. Rosanna and Forbes walked in silence. We walked into the foyer. I walked a few steps toward the fence. A walk of a particular distance is the distance that a person has to walk to get somewhere. It was only a three-mile walk to Kabul from there. tree&mdash nouna plant having a permanently woody main stem or trunk ordinarily growing to a considerable height and usually developing branches at some distance from the ground.any of various shrubs bushes and plants as the banana resembling a tree in form and size.something resembling a tree in shape as a clothes tree or a crosstree. Mathematics Linguistics.tree tree.a pole post beam bar handle or the like as one forming part of some structure.a shoetree or boot tree.a saddletree.a treelike group of crystals as one forming in an electrolytic cell.a gallows or gibbet.the cross on which Christ was crucified. Computers.a data structure organized like a tree whose nodes store data elements and whose branches represent pointers to other nodes in the tree.Christmas tree.

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