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Lighting Tokyo Japan

A tower is a tall narrow building that either stands alone or forms part of another building such as a church or castle. an eleventh century castle with 120-foot high towers. A tower is a tall structure that is used for sending radio or television signals. Troops are still in control of the television and radio tower. Someone or something that towers over surrounding people or things is a lot taller than they are. He stood up and towered over her. The architecture of a building is the style in which it is designed and constructed. modern architecture. You use construction to refer to the structure of something and the way it has been built or made. The Shakers believed that furniture should be plain simple useful practical and of sound construction. The lighting in a place is the way that it is lit for example by electric lights by candles or by windows or the quality of the light in it. the bright fluorescent lighting of the laboratory. The whole room is bathed in soft lighting. &mdash adjectiveof or relating to japan. &mdash verb used with object ja·panned ja·pan· varnish with japan coat with any material that gives a hard black gloss. Japan&mdash nouna constitutional monarchy on a chain of islands off the E coast of Asia main islands Hokkaido Honshu Kyushu and Shikoku. 141 529 sq. mi. 366 560 sq. km . Capital Tokyo. Sea of the part of the Pacific Ocean between Japan and mainland Asia. Japan.&mdash Japanese.

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