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Jump Field Girl

If you jump from something above the ground you deliberately push yourself into the air so that you drop toward the ground. I jumped the last six feet down to the deck. He jumped out of a third-floor window. If you jump something such as a fence you move quickly up and through the air over or across it. He jumped the first fence beautifully. Jump is also a noun. The longest jumps by a man and a woman were witnessed in Sestriere Italy yesterday. If something makes you jump it makes you make a sudden movement because you are frightened or surprised. The phone shrilled making her jump. If someone jumps on you they quickly criticize you for doing something that they do not approve of. A lot of people jumped on me about that you know. If you get a jump on something or someone or get the jump on them you gain an advantage over them. Helicopters helped fire crews get a jump on the blaze. A field is an area of grass for example in a park or on a farm. A field is also an area of land on which a crop is grown. a field of wheat. A sports field is an area of grass where sports are played. a football field. He was the fastest thing I ever saw on a baseball field. A field is an area of land or sea bed under which large amounts of a particular mineral have been found. an extensive natural gas field in Alaska. A magnetic gravitational or electric field is the area in which that particular force is strong enough to have an effect. Some people are worried that electromagnetic fields from electric power lines could increase the risk of cancer. A particular field is a particular subject of study or type of activity. Each of the authors of the tapes is an expert in his field. Your field of vision or your visual field is the area that you can see without turning your head. Our field of vision is surprisingly wide. In a game of baseball or cricket the team that is fielding is trying to catch the ball while the other team is trying to hit it. When we are fielding the umpires keep looking at the ball. If a sports team fields a particular number or type of players the players are chosen to play for the team on a particular occasion. We’re going to field an exciting and younger team. You can refer to someone’s daughter as a girl . We had a little girl.

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