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Husky Muzzle Dog

If someone’s voice is husky it is low and somewhat rough often in an attractive way. His voice was husky with grief. Dietrich’s deep husky voice. huski|ly”Ready?” I asked huskily.British books A husky is a strong furry dog which is used to pull sleds across snow. A muzzle is an object that is put over a dog’s nose and mouth so that it cannot bite people or make a noise. dogs like pit bulls which have to wear a muzzle. A dog is a very common four-legged animal that is often kept by people as a pet or to guard or hunt. There are many different breeds of dog. The British are renowned as a nation of dog lovers. You use dog eat dog to express your disapproval of a situation where everyone wants to succeed and is willing to harm other people in order to do so. It is very much dog eat dog out there. If you say that something is going to the dogs you mean that it is becoming weaker and worse in quality. They sit doing nothing while the country goes to the dogs. eye&mdash noun plural eyes Archaic ey·en or eyne.the organ of sight in vertebrates typically one of a pair of spherical bodies contained in an orbit of the skull and in humans appearing externally as a dense white curved membrane or sclera surrounding a circular colored portion or iris that is covered by a clear curved membrane or cornea and in the center of which is an opening or pupil through which light passes to the retina.the aggregate of structures situated within or near the orbit that assist support or protect the eye.this organ with respect to the color of the iris blue eyes.the region surrounding the eye a black eye puffy eyes.sight vision a sharp eye.the power of seeing appreciative or discriminating visual perception the eye of an artist.a look glance or gaze to cast one’s eye at a beautiful attentive look close observation or watch to be under the eye of a guard.regard view aim or intention to have an eye to one’s own advantage.a manner or way of looking at a thing estimation opinion in the eyes of the law.a center of light intelligence influence etc.something resembling or suggesting the eye in appearance shape etc. as the opening in the lens of a camera a peephole or a buttonhole. Botany. the bud of a potato Jerusalem artichoke etc. a small contrastingly colored part at the center of a flower.the central spot of a target bull’s-eye.a choice center cut of meat an eye of round the eye of the of the round spots on the tail feathers of a peacock.the hole in a needle.a hole made in a thing for the insertion of some object as the handle of a tool the eye of an ax.a metal or other ring through which something as a rope or rod is passed.the loop into which a hook is inserted. Electronics.a photoelectric cell or similar device used to perform a function analogous to visual inspection. Building Trades.a ring on the end of a tension member as an eye bar or eye bolt for connection with another member.a hole formed during the maturation of cheese especially Emmenthaler or Gruyère.a loop worked at the end of a rope. Meteorology.the approximately circular region of relatively light winds and fair weather found at the center of a severe tropical cyclone.eyes Nautical.the extreme forward part of the upper deck at the bow of a vessel. Nautical.the precise direction from which a wind is blowing. &mdash verb used without object eyed ey·ing or eye·ing. appear to the eye. &mdash Idioms an eye for an eye repayment in kind as revenge for an injustice. be all eyes to give all one’s attention to something look intently. catch someone’s eye to draw or attract someone’s attention to catch the waiter’s eye.give someone the eye look fixedly at another person especially with obvious admiration ogle She ignored the men who were giving her the eye. have an eye for to have the ability to appreciate distinctions in be discerning or perceptive about She has an eye for antique furniture. have eyes only for to want no other person or thing but She was always surrounded by admirers but she had eyes only for Harry. to see or view or desire to see a pig’s eye Slang.absolutely not never In a pig’s eye I will! keep an eye on to watch over attentively Please keep an eye on my plants while I’m away. keep an eye out for to be vigilant in looking or watching for The announcer told his listeners to keep an eye out for the escaped criminal. keep one’s eye on the ball to remain attentive be especially alert. keep one’s eyes open to be especially alert or observant.lay/clap/set eyes on catch sight of see They had never laid eyes on such a big car before. make eyes at to gaze flirtatiously or amorously eye! Informal. a mild exclamation of contradiction or surprise He says he wasn’t told about this? My eye! open one’s eyes to bring someone to a realization of the truth or of something previously unknown A trip through Asia opened his eyes to the conditions under which millions had to live.pick the eyes out Australia and New select the best parts or items. run one’s eye over to glance briefly at examine hastily. see eye to eye to have exactly the same opinion agree They have never been able to see eye to eye on politics. see with half an eye to see or realize immediately or with ease Anyone can see with half an eye that the plan is doomed to fail. shut one’s eyes to to refuse to see or consider disregard We can no longer shut our eyes to the gravity of the situation. sight for sore eyes a welcome sight a pleasant surprise After our many days in the desert the wretched village was a sight for sore eyes. with an eye to with a plan or purpose of with an eye to one’s future. with one’s eyes open aware of the inherent or potential risks She signed the papers with her eyes open.

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