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Hand Smoke Minimalism

Your hands are the parts of your body at the end of your arms. Each hand has four fingers and a thumb. I put my hand into my pocket and pulled out the letter. In a game of cards your hand is the set of cards that you are holding in your hand at a particular time or the cards that are dealt to you at the beginning of the game. He carefully inspected his hand. The hands of a clock or watch are the thin pieces of metal or plastic that indicate what time it is. The hands of the clock on the wall moved with a slight click. Half past ten. If you ask someone for a hand with something you are asking them to help you in what you are doing. Come and give me a hand in the garden. If someone asks an audience to give someone a hand they are asking the audience to clap loudly usually before or after that person performs. Let’s give ’em a big hand. If you say that something is in a particular person’s hands you mean that they are taking care of it own it or are responsible for it. I feel that possibly the majority of these dogs are in the wrong hands. We’re in safe hands. If someone experiences a particular kind of treatment especially unpleasant treatment at the hands of a person or organization they receive it from them. The civilian population was suffering greatly at the hands of the security forces. If you do something by hand you do it using your hands rather than a machine. Each pleat was stitched in place by hand. If you have your hands full with something you are very busy because of it. She had her hands full with new arrivals. If someone gives you a free hand they give you the freedom to use your own judgment and to do exactly as you wish. He gave Stephanie a free hand in the decoration. If you get your hands on something or lay your hands on something you manage to find it or obtain it usually after some difficulty. Patty began reading everything she could get her hands on. If you have a hand in something such as an event or activity you are involved in it. He thanked all who had a hand in his release. The job or problem in hand is the job or problem that you are dealing with at the moment. The business in hand was approaching some kind of climax. If someone lives hand to mouth or lives from hand to mouth they have hardly enough food or money to live on. I have a wife and two children and we live from hand to mouth on what I earn. If you have a problem or responsibility on your hands you have to deal with it. If it is off your hands you no longer have to deal with it. They now have yet another drug problem on their hands. If someone or something is on hand they are near and able to be used if they are needed. There are experts on hand to give you all the help and advice you need. If you dismiss or reject something out of hand you do so immediately and do not consider believing or accepting it. I initially dismissed the idea out of hand. If you take something or someone in hand you take control or responsibility over them especially in order to improve them. She took the twins in hand encouraging them to turn their thoughts to the future. If you say that your hands are tied you mean that something is preventing you from acting in the way that you want to. Politicians are always saying that they want to help us but their hands are tied. A bank of things especially machines switches or dials is a row of them or a series of rows. The typical laborer now sits in front of a bank of dials. A bank is a building where a bank offers its services. You use bank to refer to a store of something. For example a blood bank is a store of blood that is kept ready for use. a national data bank of information on hospital employees. If you bank with a particular bank you have an account with that bank. I have banked with Coutts &amp Co. for years. When an aircraft banks one of its wings rises higher than the other usually when it is changing direction. A single-engine plane took off and banked above the highway in front of him. Smoke consists of gas and small bits of solid material that are sent into the air when something burns. A cloud of black smoke blew over the city. If fish or meat is smoked it is hung over burning wood so that the smoke preserves it and gives it a special flavor. the grid where the fish were being smoked. Smoke is also a noun. Someone came out for a smoke. Minimalism is a style in which a small number of very simple things are used to create a particular effect. In her own home she replaced austere minimalism with cosy warmth and color.

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