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Grapes Berries Breakfast

Muesli is a breakfast cereal made from chopped nuts dried fruit and grains. &mdash adjectiveinsane crazy. &mdash verb used without object nut·ted nut· seek for or gather nuts to go nutting in late autumn. &mdash Idioms from soup to nuts.soup def 7 . hard nut to crack a problem difficult to solve a formidable undertaking. a person difficult to know understand or one’s nut Slang.Sometimes Offensive. foolish silly or insane. confused unreasonable. mistaken or wrong You’re off your nut if you think such a plan can succeed. Nut&mdash noun Egyptian Religion.the goddess of the sky sometimes shown as a cow bearing Ra on her back and the stars on her underside. &mdash verb used without object ber·ried ber·ry· gather or pick berries We went berrying this bear or produce berries. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is usually eaten in the early part of the morning. What’s for breakfast?

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