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Front View

The front of something is the part of it that faces you or that faces forward or that you normally see or use. One man sat in an armchair and the other sat on the front of the desk. Stand at the front of the line. If you say that something is happening on a particular front you mean that it is happening with regard to a particular situation or field of activity. research across a wide academic front. If someone puts on a particular kind of front they pretend to have a particular quality. Michael kept up a brave front both to the world and in his home. An organization or activity that is a front for one that is illegal or secret is used to hide it. a firm later identified by the police as a front for crime syndicates. If a person or thing is in front they are ahead of others in a moving group or further forward than someone or something else. Officers will crack down on lunatic motorists who speed or drive too close to the car in front. Someone who is in front in a competition or contest at a particular point is winning at that point. Richard Dunwoody is in front in the jockeys’ title race. If someone or something is in front of a particular thing they are facing it ahead of it or close to the front part of it. She sat down in front of her dressing-table mirror to look at herself. Something darted out in front of my car and my car hit it. Your views on something are the beliefs or opinions that you have about it for example whether you think it is good bad right or wrong. Washington and Moscow are believed to have similar views on Kashmir. You should also make your views known to your congressperson. The view from a window or high place is everything that can be seen from that place especially when it is considered to be beautiful. The view from our window was one of beautiful green countryside. Your view of a particular subject is the way that you understand and think about it. The whole point was to get away from a Christian-centered view of religion. If you have a view of something you can see it. He stood up to get a better view of the blackboard. View refers to the way in which a piece of text or graphics is displayed on a computer screen. To see the current document in full-page view click the Page Zoom Full button. If you view something you look at it for a particular purpose. They came back to view the house again. You use view in expressions to do with being able to see something. For example if something is in view you can see it. If something is in full view of everyone everyone can see it. She was lying there in full view of anyone who walked by.

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