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Fence Sunset Nature

A fence is a barrier between two areas of land made of wood or wire supported by posts. Villagers say the fence would restrict public access to the hills. A fence in show jumping or horse racing is an obstacle or barrier that horses have to jump over. The horse fell at the last fence. If you sit on the fence you avoid supporting a particular side in a discussion or argument. They are sitting on the fence and refusing to commit themselves. Sunset is the time in the evening when the sun disappears out of sight from the sky. The dance ends at sunset. Nature is all the animals plants and other things in the world that are not made by people and all the events and processes that are not caused by people. The most amazing thing about nature is its infinite variety. grasses that grow wild in nature. If you say that something is in the nature of things you mean that you would expect it to happen in the circumstances mentioned. Of course in the nature of things and with a lot of drinking going on people failed to notice. If you say that one thing is in the nature of another you mean that it is like the other thing. There is movement toward I think something in the nature of a pluralistic system. If a way of behaving is second nature to you you do it almost without thinking because it is easy for you or obvious to you. Planning ahead had always come as second nature to her.

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