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Ball Shine Space

A ball is something or an amount of something that has a round shape. Thomas screwed the letter up into a ball. Theballof your foot or the ball of your thumb is the rounded part where your toes join your foot or where your thumb joins your hand. When you ball something or when it balls it becomes round. He picked up the sheets of paper and balled them tightly in his fists. Informal If you are having a ball you are having a very enjoyable time. Outside the boys were sitting on the ground and judging by the gales of laughter they were having a ball. A connection is a relationship between two things people or groups. There was no evidence of a connection between BSE and the brain diseases recently confirmed in cats. I felt a strong connection between us. A connection is a joint where two wires or pipes are joined together. Check all radiators for small leaks especially round pipework connections. If you get a connection at a station or airport you catch a train bus or plane after getting off another train bus or plane in order to continue your trip. My flight was late and I missed the connection. Something that shines is very bright and clear because it is reflecting light. Her blue eyes shone and caught the light. a pair of patent leather shoes that shone like mirrors. Someone who shines at a skill or activity does it extremely well. Did you shine at school? If you shine a flashlight or other light somewhere you point it there so that you can see something when it is dark. One of the men shone a torch in his face. The man walked slowly toward her shining the flashlight. See also shining Space is the area beyond the Earth’s atmosphere where the stars and planets are. The six astronauts on board will spend ten days in space. launching satellites into space. A space of time is a period of time. They’ve come a long way in a short space of time. If you space a series of things you arrange them so that they are not all together but have gaps or intervals of time between them. Women once again are having fewer children and spacing them further apart. Space out means the same as space . He talks quite slowly and spaces his words out. spacing uncount noun Generous spacing gives healthier trees and better crops.

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